The Hidden Beaches of Malibu

Malibu has a long history of beach access disputes, big and small, between wealthy home owners and the public. Luckily the California Coastal Commission has been fighting for public access over the years. Many battles have been won here and others have been lost or at least haven’t been fully fulfilled. The Coastal Commission has made it clear that all beaches in the state are public land below the mean high water level. This is good news for all of us especially in Malibu because most of this region has a narrow shoreline that is all wet at high tide. In other words, in most locations below these multi-million dollar homes the beaches are entirely public!

There are many world-class well-known beaches along the 23-mile long Malibu shoreline in western Los Angeles County. Some of the names include Topanga, Surfrider, Malibu Lagoon, Point Dume, Zuma, El Matador, and Leo Carrillo State Park. Each of these beaches are famous for different reasons be it reliable surfing, bird-watching, endless volleyball courts, or just scenic photography. Real the whole story here.

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